Monday, September 21, 2009

Asa turns 2!!

Reading his new Mickey Mouse book with Dad.
I am not very crafty or creative and really have only decorated one other cake (the T-Rex for Rex's 3rd bday) so I was pretty happy with the result. It even tasted good too! Asa really likes dogs so he thought the cake was pretty cool.
He had the classic "wow" look on his face every time he opened a present. So cute. He really liked the Little Einstein's rocket that I got him. He flew that thing around for a half hour before he played with anything else.
The hand are behind his back since we have had experiences in the past with little fingers getting burned. ooops :) If you look closely here you can also see the spit hanging from his mouth and landing on the table as he is trying to blow out the candles. Luckily it didn't land on the cake!
My little 2 year old! Growing up so fast. I swear he was just my baby. We love Asa so much. He is so full of personality and attitude. His expressions are priceless. He just loves his family so much and he really is a happy boy. I couldn't ask for more. We love you Ace!


Pieces of me... said...

Way to go on the cake, it turned out real cute! And doesn't make you feel good when you child sincerely LOVES the toy you get them... that's my ulitmate goal for Christmas. :)

Christi Nield said...

so i was looking at all of the family's blogs. When i came across your blog i laughed because Asa is like 3 1/2. You should update soon because I miss seeing your boys. so here are some ideas for you to blog about.
1) Max being born
2)First day of school
3) Christmas (and some great scarves)
5)How much you guys miss me

I hope that I am being helpfull to you. :)